Dust Bin for Chickens

Hooper / NE / United States - 12/29/15

The 4 ingredients needed are:

  1. Builder’s sand
  2. Wood ash – I get the ash from my wood stove and take out the larger charcoal pieces with a cat litter scooper.
  3.  Soil – If you are purchasing soil, make sure it is fertilizer, chemical and vermiculite free.
  4. Diatomaceous Earth Facts – Make sure it is FOOD-GRADE (not for use in pools). The bag MUST read for livestock feed.

Add equal parts of each ingredient to the mixture.  The hens are using the dust bath if:

  1. You find some of the “bath” contents on the coop floor.
  2. You see them nestled up together in the bath throwing dirt on each other.
  3. They are free ranging and suddenly shake from comb to feet and a cloud of dust emerges around your chickens.
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