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Learn to use the oxalic acid dribble method

The oxalic acid dribble method for varroa mite control is quick, easy, effective against mites when there is no capped brood present, and gentle on bees. Source: Learn to use the oxalic acid dribble method –

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Bee Lab Benefit at ZipLine | Entomology | Nebraska

Bee Lab Benefit at ZipLine In order to create beer, an essential ingredient is grain. Bees are an important part of a plants reproductive cycle. Without bees, we would have no grain. Without grain, we would have no beer! Okay….

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Honey | FAQs

COOKING WITH HONEY How do I substitute honey for sugar? When substituting honey for granulated sugar in recipes, begin by substituting honey for up to half of the sugar called for in the recipe. For baked goods, make sure to…

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Blueberry Bee 

A mason, or blueberry bee (Megachilidae), found in Plumas, California. Credit: Public Domain via Flickr/University of Texas at Austin’s Insects Unlocked Zipping by in a flash of shimmering blues, greens, and even purples, is a member of Halictidae, or the sweat bee….

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January JANUARY AND THE BEES: The bees are in a tight cluster staying warm and consuming very little food early in the month. On days when the wind is calm and the temperature rises near 50 degrees, you’ll probably see a…

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