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Water to Greenhouse

Plumbed water from storage tank to greenhouse.  It is nice to have water right in the greenhouse. 1 – 2″ PVC Tee-Wye 2 – 2″ to 3/4″ Reducing Bushing 1 – 2″ x 2′ PVC 1 – 3/4″ Slip to 3/4″…

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Rain Water Collection

      Installed the following: Rain Harvesting Pty Leaf Eater Advanced Downspout Filter The Leaf Eater Advanced™ is the next generation Rain Head, featuring the new patented Clean Shield™(single screen) technology and VH Pivot™ outlet.   Rain Harvesting Pty Downspout First…

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Arborvitae – Thuja occidentalis

Nursed this back to health all winter.  

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Bell Peppers

The Bell peppers are ready to go outside.  

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First Greenhouse Post

Greenhouse up and going!

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