Flynn Farm Fresh

Garden 2020

Red Potatoes, Red onions, White onions, Yellow onions, Dill, Green peppers, Garlic, Sweet corn, Tomatoes, Peas, Green beans, carrots

Vine Garden 2020

This year I planted 5 rows of vine crop. From east to west:

  • Row 1 Pumpkins – Jack O’ Lantern, Atlantic Giant, Small Sugar Organic
  • Row 2 Cucumbers – Pick a Bushel Hybrid, Burpless Beauty, Straight Eight
  • Row 3 Tomatoes – San Marzano, Rutgers, Burpee’s Big Boy Hybrid
  • Row 4 Watermelon – Bush Sugar Baby, Georgia Rattlesnake
  • Row 5 Gords, Squash, Cantaloupe – Ornamental Big Gourds Mix, Early Acorn Hybrid, Heart Of Gold,Winter, Buttercup Burgess Strain

Beekeeping Blog – Regaining My Sanity Through Beekeeping

Beekeeping Blog – A humorous blog describing how a novice beekeeper is regaining his sanity through beekeeping & Talking With Bees. Join the madness

Source: Beekeeping Blog – Regaining My Sanity Through Beekeeping

McCormick-Deering #7 Mower

Restoring the McCormick-Deering #7 High Gear Mower from Flynn Field Farm.

Found this colony of bees 🐝 frozen ❄️ in time. #FlynnFarmFresh

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