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Common Purslane Management Guidelines

UC home and landscape guidelines for control of Common Purslane.
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The Great Sunflower Project

Contribute to science and conservation

What We Do

People all over the country are collecting data on pollinators in their yards, gardens, schools and parks. Together, we take counts of the number and types of pollinators visiting plants (especially sunflowers). We have been gathering information on pollinator service since 2008, and now have the largest single body of information about bee pollinator service in North America. Thanks to our thousands of observers, we can determine where pollinator service is strong or weak compared to averages.


Source: Homepage | The Great Sunflower Project

Plant a Bee Garden – The Honeybee Conservancy

Plant a bee garden! You can do your part to help the bees by adding to the shrinking inventory of flower-rich habitat – a bee garden – in your area.

Source: Plant a Bee Garden – The Honeybee ConservancyThe Honeybee Conservancy

Hungry bin — the best worm farm ever!

Hungry bin

Source: Hungry bin — the best worm farm ever!

Magnolia Tree

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Magnolia tree finally bloomed, better late than never #2018 #FlynnFarmFresh