Flynn Farm Fresh


North Door is GONE!

  Finish yesterday putting up the vinyl siding over the north door opening.  Look pretty good! So how are we going to use the deck.  Stay tuned!!  

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Added Redpointe Maple & Ninebark

Added two Acer rubrum ‘Frank Jr’ Redpointe Red Maple and three Ninebark to the place.  We needed a little red color and more shade in our landscape.

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Peach Trees

Planted two peach trees in the chicken yard next to the orchard.

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Chick Coop Upgrade

Upgraded coop and added pen for 32 Baby Chicks.  10 Americana, 10 Plymouth Bar Rock, 10 Buff Orpington and 2 Americana Males

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Google Earth Satellite of Kembele

Ok, you know you’re a #geek when you mow an F on your property in order for the #Google Earth satellites to capture it.

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