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Beeswax & Honey Lotion Bars DIY – Soap Queen

Learn how to make lotion bars with beeswax, shea butter and olive oil. These lotion bars are scented with a light honey scent, and make great gifts. Source: Beeswax & Honey Lotion Bars DIY – Soap Queen

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Fall colors!!

Redpointe Maple via Instagram

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Milkweeds & Monarchs

Last year I planted milkweeds for the monarch butterfly 🦋 migration! This goes against years of walking beans! However, I have lots of butterflies this year! #2017 #FlynnFarmFresh via Instagram

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Frog hanging out!

My friend the frog 🐸 just hanging out! #2017 #FlynnFarmFresh via Instagram

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Peaches 🍑

Peaches 🍑 are ripening and numerous!! #2017 #FlynnFarmFresh via Instagram

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