Bee Lab Benefit at ZipLine | Entomology | Nebraska

Bee Lab Benefit at ZipLine In order to create beer, an essential ingredient is grain. Bees are an important part of a plants reproductive cycle. Without bees, we would have no grain. Without grain, we would have no beer! Okay. Don’t everyone panic at once. UNL Bee Lab is working on ways to increase theContinue reading “Bee Lab Benefit at ZipLine | Entomology | Nebraska”

Blueberry Bee 

A mason, or blueberry bee (Megachilidae), found in Plumas, California. Credit: Public Domain via Flickr/University of Texas at Austin’s Insects Unlocked Zipping by in a flash of shimmering blues, greens, and even purples, is a member of Halictidae, or the sweat bee. Unlike the social hive behavior of honey and bumble bees, it lives a short, solitaryContinue reading “Blueberry Bee “